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m more, and feel she was yet more bel●oved. On Sarah’s returning home one af●ternoon, after a brief visit to old Esther, w●ho was not quite well, she was informed a young▓ man had called to see


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her, and stayed so●me time; but as she did not c●ome as soon as they expected, he had gon●e away, promising to return in the course ▓of the evening.He had not left his● name, they added; but he s


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eemed a gentlema●n, quite a gentleman, though on●e of her own nation, and was in the de▓epest mourning.Sarah was not one given to▓ speculation or curiosity, though she● did wonder w

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oung ladies to go with their mothe●r to the theatre, and ran down to see them saf▓ely in the carriage, when the footman called▓ out— “Sarah, the gentleman has come● again; he is waiti

ng for you ▓in the housekeeper’s room.” She w▓ent accordingly; but her self-possessi▓on almost d

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